Breakout City

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Things to Do

The Grand Museum

The Grand Museum

Home to one of the largest art collections in the country. This is a must see for art enthusiasts. The museum is located a quarter of a mile from White Towers Hotel making it easy to get to.

The Playhouse

The Playhouse

A charming, intimate theater with seating for less than one hundred. They present a range of plays and performances covering everything from classics to experimental theater. From May 25-June 12, they will be hosting a production of "Sorry, Wrong Number."


Crown Casino

For those looking for a little adventure, they’ll be sure to find it at this casino which is a favorite destination of playboys, high rollers, and international men of mystery. If you stop in, make sure and play a game of baccarat. You never know who you’ll end up sitting next to!

City Services


Community Services

Breakout City is proud to promote senior programs, aging services, family centers, and sister cities.


Public safety

We salute our police, fire, animal control, community corrections, crime, and security teams.



Parks, events, programs, tourism and activities - it's all here!


Infrastructure and streets

Citizens enjoy modern systems for trash, recycling, environmental protection, and parking and transportation.


Neighborhoods and Housing

Neighborhood associations, grants, housing assistance and housing issues can be found throughout the city.



Our downtown government buildings host the Mayor's office, city departments, council meetings, dispute resolution and boards/commissions.

This Month's Featured Event:

Murder, Mayhem, and the Macabre Ghost Tour

If you like the kind of fun that sends a chill up your spine, this tour is for you. The three-hour evening tour shows you some of the most infamous locales in the city. The highlight of the tour is a visit to the abandoned Prentiss Mansion, long-rumored to be cursed. The guides are enthusiastic storytellers, and the tour is entertaining for both skeptics and believers.

Breakout City Island



Where to Fly

The nearest airport is Breakout City International (for those who heard about the closure related to the Gulf Airlines incident, don’t worry, the airport is fully operational again). The airport is twelve miles from the White Towers Hotel in downtown. Taxis, rental cars, and rideshare vans are available at the airport. For those needing other car services, please contact BC Limos.

Where to Stay

Rooms at the White Towers Hotel provide the absolute best experience Breakout City has to offer. For those who are going to be in town for a couple of days, there are many places of interest within a short distance of the hotel.



New Shopping Center Opens on South Street

Visit the new stores on the south side of town for a brand-new shopping experience.


Local Job Growth Continues for Third Year

Breakout City continues to see job growth across the board, with opportunities continuing to appear in major business sectors.


Study: Crime Rates

Breakout City's top officials continue their search into the roots of city crime, to better understand and protect high-risk areas of the city.


Education Enrollment at All-Time High as Tech Supports Teachers

Educators across the city are relying on futuristic learning methods to bring lessons to the modern student.